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  • Audéo Paradise P90-R - Oplaadbaar
  • Audéo Paradise P90-R - Oplaadbaar
  • Audéo Paradise P90-R - Oplaadbaar
  • Audéo Paradise P90-R - Oplaadbaar

Phonak Audéo Paradise P90-R - Rechargeable

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One of these functions is hearing through a motion sensor. This motion sensor detects the wearer's movements and surroundings and then selects the best option for that particular situation. The Phonak Paradise also features a tap control, which can be used to activate voice controls such as Siri (IOS) or Google Assistant (Android). The new tap control also makes it easy to answer phone calls and pause streamed music. In addition, the BlueTooth in the Phonak Paradise has been taken to a higher level. It is now possible to connect to 8 other Bluetooth devices and 2 of them can be active. This ensures that the wearer can switch easily and quickly between the connected devices. This option is made possible by the "PRISM chip". A new chip that provides faster BlueTooth and double the memory, allowing multiple devices to be connected.

Pros and cons

Hearing with a movement sensor
The hearing aids can be adjusted remotely with the help of the hearing care professional
The hearing aids are rechargeable
Speech control via tap control
Suitable for both Android and iPhone smartphones
Possibility to connect 2 active BlueTooth devices and quickly switch between them
No telecol function
48 reviews

Classification of the reviews

      9 / 10
10 Mar 2023

Thanks for the service

Perfect service and repair

Nederland Ghislain - Phonak Audéo Paradise P90-R - Rechargeable
This review is from Oogvoororen.nl
      6.5 / 10
23 Feb 2023

Still have to get used to using it

Am home alone many days a week, lacking communication and routine for adjustment

not yet convincing
Charger does not constantly function properly
Adjustment of sound for personal wishes does not yet work at all/not at all
Nederland Harry - Phonak Audéo Paradise P90-R - Rechargeable
This review is from Oogvoororen.nl
      10 / 10
20 Feb 2023

The best devices for young, active people who like to be connected to other media devices.

I have tested several devices and these are the best for me. The wearing quality is great in all conditions, even during sports. You can adjust the devices so that you are less bothered by the wind noise when cycling, for example. The bluetooth function is great, I couldn't live without it. Only the promise that you can make phone calls easily is not entirely feasible: your conversation partner experiences it as rather annoying that the microphone of the devices is so sensitive and transmits a lot of ambient noise.

Sit very well, you don't feel them
Natural sound
Good app with customizable options
Bluetooth media listening is super convenient
Charger only works with mains power, no separate battery
Microphone quality when calling is slightly poor
België Eric - Phonak Audéo Paradise P90-R - Rechargeable
This review is from Oogvoororen.be

Compare here the different variations of Audéo Paradise P90-R - Rechargeable

Phonak Audéo Paradise P90-R - Rechargeable
Audéo Paradise P90-R - Rechargeable £1,225.00
Audéo Paradise P90 - 312 £1,140.00
Audéo Paradise P90 - 13T £1,140.00
Battery type Lithium-ion ZL312 ZL13
Volume control
Programme switch

Comparison of the different hearing aid technology levels

Audéo Paradise P90-R - Rechargeable £1,225.00 Audéo Paradise P70-R - Rechargeable £1,040.00 Audéo Paradise P50-R - Rechargeable £925.00
Release year 2020 2020 2020
Battery type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Battery lifetime 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours
Volume control
Programme switch
Channels 20 20 16
Bands 20 20 16
Listening programs 4 4 4
Height 27 mm 27 mm 27 mm
Moistureproof/ dustproof
Android compatible
Binaural directionality
360-degree speech understanding
Noise reduction
Noise reduction
Speech recognition
Soft speech amplification
Environmental Adaptation
Wind noise reduction
Music mode
Ear-to-ear communication
Motion sensors
Own voice recognition
Noise/ tinnitus support
Compatible with CROS
Extra functions
Remote fittable
Tap Control
Health functions

These apps are available for this hearing aid



This is an easy-to-use app for a customised listening experience. You can adjust the volume or the p rogramme according to your needs. Via myPhonak, the hearing aids can be adjusted online by the hearing care professional.