Our prices

We are cheaper than other hearing aid retailers. Hearing aids and their users have changed a lot over the years. The hearing tests are accurate, minor maintenance can be done by the users themselves, hearing aids can be fitted remotely and can be connected to apps.
We have used all these factors to lower the cost of hearing aids. Specifically,

Online fittings only

We only sell hearing aids that can be fitted online, so any changes we make to the hearing aid can be done remotely.

You perform minor maintenance yourself

You are expected to change filters, replace domes and clean your own hearing aids. However, our staff at Hearly are happy to assist you remotely.

No expensive shop premises

As we do almost everything remotely, we don't need expensive offices in A-list locations. And you do not have to pay for it.

Fair prices

We pass on the cost savings from our business model to you. It costs us and therefore you will pay less.