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      10 / 10
25 May 2022

Recommend the professional helpful people and this actual make and model

From first contact very smooth process through choosing the brand, then testing, fitting and reassurance with even the cleaning process

Personally tailored helpful information from an experienced person
Very good quality units, simple to use and charge
Fantastic value for money
Would like more paperwork instructions to refer back to
      10 / 10
03 May 2022


Top quality from start to finish

I would reccomend unreservedly to anyone wishing to buy a hearing aid. I have found them to be very helpful and efficient in answering my many questions before buying my hearing aid from them. When I did take the plunge, I was astonished and delighted at first the unbeatable price then the superfast delivery time. I consider myself so lucky to have decided to go with them rather than all the competing hearing aid firms competing for your business. Hope this helps you when decision time comes along
Without reservation
From my own experience
Great value
Great assistance
Courtesy and care
      9.5 / 10
27 Apr 2022

Initially cautious, glad I found a quality product at a good price and impressed with the service provided by Hearly.

Being in my 80's and cautious about buying an expensive item from abroad, I was encouraged by the positive reviews and took a chance. Having contacted the company and talked with a helpful lady named Yasi, I tried a pair of behind the ear R.I.C. aids. Unfortunately I had problems getting the aids into my ear canals and after discussing the problem with Yasi returned them and tried another pair of aids. After an initial problem, again with getting the aids into my canals, I now have practically invisible and comfortable aids that can be adjusted by my smartphone. I had to have the aids reprogrammed using Telecare because a system upgrade on my iPhone caused the programme to revert to the original and Yasi was extremely patient and helpful in providing a new programme that answered my needs.

Service, price and comfort
Small batteries!
      10 / 10
14 Mar 2022

Hearly have provided a fast, reliable and knowledgeable service with an unbeatable device price.

Hearly have met all my hearing needs at a very competitive price. The Aids were delivered swiftly and securely from the Netherlands to Cyprus. The online personal support via an App has been caring and knowledgable and the aids fine tuned to my individual needs. I can give a full recommendation for the product and personal service I have received from Hearly.

Performance and Price
Adjustment of aids online
Support from personal hearing professional
      10 / 10
22 Feb 2022

Excellent product, excellent service and support

Unbelievable service and support. Prompt delivery and quick responses to any questions or concerns I had. Will definitely use Hearly again and recommend them to others. It's fantastic to have my new hearing aids in a week without having to go anywhere for a "fitting".

      8.5 / 10
15 Dec 2021


My first experience of online purchase of a hearing aid. It went very smoothly. I'd recommend using Zoom or jitsi or the like to have a separate video session for communication during the hearing aid adjustment.

Great customer service
Knowledgeable staff
The Oticon remote care app seems a bit clunky
      9.5 / 10
14 Dec 2021

Hearly offers an unbeatable price/performance ratio

Hearly has been excellent in meeting my needs and providing me with exactly what my local hearing care professional offered, but over €2,000 cheaper. With the possibilities of remote support via the app, you don't really need a hearing care professional in the immediate vicinity. But also the app Signia offers a lot of possibilities to adjust the hearing aids within certain limits. For me, Hearly was a real alternative.

Price/performance ratio
Generous provision of spare parts (miniReceiver)
Optimal adjustment of the hearing aids
Reliability of the hearing aid delivery
Internal coordination not always optimal
      10 / 10
08 Dec 2021

Lowest price out there together with a superb service.

One month ago I surveyed the market to find the best service together with a good price, during which I came across Hearly. Unfortunately they were based in the Netherlands and I’m in the UK, so it was going to take a leap of faith. However they were the lowest price by a large margin and I had some service quality doubts regarding the local alternatives. I spoke with Yasaman Nojaba at Hearly and was reassured so she sent me an online hearing test which looked a little daunting but turned out to be quite straight forward. I then went ahead and ordered a pair of Oticon More-R. they arrived a couple of days later and Yasaman went ahead with a first online fitting … on a Sunday. The hearing aids worked and are working brilliantly. A couple of weeks later Yasaman called to arrange for a follow-up fitting and has also contacted me a couple of times to check that things were still working well.

Overall the price I paid was by far the lowest and the service provided by Yasaman was brilliant.

      10 / 10
29 Sep 2023

Significant improvement over the predecessor Silk 7x

the Silk 7ix are significantly faster in all adjustments and specifically filter even loud noise (e.g. vacuum cleaner). Amazing adjustments are possible, e.g. "Music" or "Silence" for a walk in the woods. The battery performance could be better, but that can still change since the devices are new, at the moment the battery holds about 16-18 hours in continuous operation. Generally, however, the devices are recharged in half an hour in the box / charger, there you also have to spend to turn them off. The box can also be charged inductively and then holds for about 4 charges of the devices without power connection.

Wearing comfort
good and fast adjustment in case of noise
Battery time currently only 16-18 hours
Cannot be switched off without charging box
Germany Peter - Signia Silk Charge&Go IX 7 - Oplaadbaar
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      10 / 10
25 Sep 2023


On behalf of my mother, the wearer of the hearing aid, I can report that she is extremely satisfied.

Home visit
Nederland Annie - Audio Service P 4 G6 - Oplaadbaar
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