How does it work to purchase hearing aids from Hearly?

1. We receive your hearing test

First of all, we need the outcome of your hearing test. Please make a scan or take a picture of your test and send a copy to us. If you have not done a hearing test before, do not worry! Please contact us for alternative options.

2. We will send you a pre-programmed hearing aid

We will program the requested hearing aids with the initial settings and send them to you.

3. We will arrange an online programming session

After receiving your hearing aids, we will have a live session to fully program the hearing aids to your preferences.

4. We will get in touch with you again

Whether you need additional adjustments, or your hearing aids are perfect as they are, we will get back to you after one or two weeks following your first fitting. Additionally, if you would like to have the settings changed in the meantime, please let us know and we will readjust the settings.

5. Final check and completion

At the end of 30 days, we perform a final check. When you are satisfied, we will complete the trial period. You may decide whether you wish to keep the hearing aids or to return them to us without any extra costs. If you do not like the hearing aids, we will refund you the full payment. However, we do expect you will like the hearing aids. Obviously, our services do not stop after the trial period.

6. Aftercare and maintenance

After the purchase of the hearing aids, you may use our online services for five years without any costs. You can perform minor maintenance by yourself with the help of our tutorials and videos. During the 5-year warranty period, repairs are covered free of charge*.