How does it work to purchase hearing aids from Hearly?

1. We receive your hearing test

First of all, we need the outcome of your hearing test. Please make a scan or take a picture of your test and send a copy to us. If you have not done a hearing test before, do not worry! Please contact us for alternative options.

2. We will send you a pre-programmed hearing aid

We will program the requested hearing aids with the initial settings and send them to you.

3. We will arrange an online programming session

After receiving your hearing aids, we will have a live session to fully program the hearing aids to your preferences.

4. We will get in touch with you again

Whether you need additional adjustments, or your hearing aids are perfect as they are, we will get back to you after one or two weeks following your first fitting. Additionally, if you would like to have the settings changed in the meantime, please let us know and we will readjust the settings.

5. Final check and completion

At the end of 30 days, we perform a final check. When you are satisfied, we will complete the trial period. You may decide whether you wish to keep the hearing aids or to return them to us without any extra costs. If you do not like the hearing aids, we will refund you the full payment. However, we do expect you will like the hearing aids. Obviously, our services do not stop after the trial period.

6. Aftercare and maintenance

After the purchase of the hearing aids, you may use our online services for five years without any costs. You can perform minor maintenance by yourself with the help of our tutorials and videos. During the 5-year warranty period, repairs are covered free of charge*.

Hearing test

We recommend having a hearing test done by an ENT doctor to make sure there are no underlying medical problems. Most hearing tests are sufficient for first fitting hearing aids. However, either a sound audiogram or a speech audiogram is the most preferred. Ideally, an audiogram should be no more than 6 months old.

Yes, you can. There are several ways to get a hearing test from our own hearing care professionals. For example, there is a validated hearing test that can be done online.

However, we recommend that you visit an ENT doctor. Especially if you have never been to an ENT doctor before. The ENT doctor can determine if there is a clogging of the ear canal and rule out other underlying pathology. 

No. The hearing test is not performed in a low-noise booth, as it is at the audiologist's clinic. It is possible that our online hearing tests may differ. However, we have a very reliable and validated measurement which gives a great insight of your hearing loss. This result will give us a useful starting point to further adjust your hearing aids during the online sessions.

General information

Any smartphone with Bluetooth has at least one hearing aid that works perfectly together, however, not every smartphone is suitable. In general, the newer smartphones always work. Older smartphones are not always compatible with various hearing aids. In case you are not sure whether your smartphone is compatible with the hearing aid you would like to have, please contact us. Our staff will be happy to help.

With Hearly, you have an obligation-free trial period of 30 days. After a detailed consultation with our hearing care professional, a hearing aid will be selected which best suits your wishes and needs. The hearing aids will be sent to you by registered post. The hearing aids have been pre-programmed on the basis of your audiogram. Directly after delivery, we get in touch with you to either fine-tune the hearing aids or to arrange an appointment. There will be a check-up after 2-3 weeks and after 30 days. If you feel the need for an extra check in between, this is always possible. Once the trial period is over, you will have the option to purchase the hearing aids or return the hearing aids to us. The welcome package includes a return label.

Our hearing care professionals have completed professional trainings according to the Dutch standard and attend advanced training courses on a regular basis. This ensures that our hearing care professionals are always up to date.

There are no limits to the number of online appointments. You can always contact us.

For 80% of all hearing losses, earmoulds are not necessary. They are recommended if you have a greater hearing loss in the low frequency range or if you have a greater hearing loss in all frequencies. Manufacturers have developed special shields which close your ear canal nicely and are not noticeable. However, if you still need earmoulds, we may be able to arrange a meeting at the border or make an appointment with one of our Dutch colleagues. You can also have the ear impressions made by an audiologist in your area. The average cost for two earmoulds is €100. 

Yes, everyone is welcome to join Hearly. However, it is probably important that you can maintain your hearing aids yourself and that you know how your smartphone and the app work. You also need a stable internet connection. If all this is not a problem, then there is nothing to stop you from successfully buying hearing aids from Hearly. 


You can contact us whenever you would like to have the hearing aids fitted. There are several ways to contact us. You may use the app from your hearing aid, via email, chat or via phone. The hearing aids may then be fitted via a live session or we may send you new settings via the app. These settings are then ready for you to upload.

Most malfunctions are caused by a clogged filter of the receiver. You can replace this filter by yourself quite simply. If this is not the cause of the malfunction, then please contact us immediately.  We will try to find out the cause of the problem.  If your hearing aid needs to be repaired by the manufacturer, we will provide you with temporary spare hearing aids, so you will never be missing out on your hearing aids. After repair, we will send your personal hearing aids back to you, along with a return label for the loaned hearing aids. The average time to repair a hearing aid takes about 7 working days. The Starkey hearing aids also allow you to perform a self-check using the Thrive app to find potential problems on your own.

Payment & prices

Before we are able to send you the hearing aids, you will have to pay the total amount. You may transfer the money to us via SEPA or you may pay via Klarna or PayPal. In case you do not like the hearing aids, you may return the hearing aids to us within 30 days and we will refund the total cost of the hearing aids.

Our entire system is online based, but with personal contact. You will be assigned to a personal audiologist who will keep in touch with you via phone or video calls. As a result, there is no need for expensive business premises. In addition, you will benefit from the significantly lower prices that we have agreed upon in the Netherlands.

About us

Hearly is an independent hearing aid retailer. We have no partnership with specific manufacturers. This allows us to give you an honest recommendation at all times. Hearly is a subsidiary of Oogvoororen, a Dutch hearing aid retailer with years of experience in the field of fitting hearing aids online.