Phonak Paradise available for severe to profound hearing loss

Phonak Paradise available for severe to profound hearing loss

On Friday 26 February 2021, Phonak will launch its new behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids; Phonak Naida P-UP and the Phonak Naida P-PR. It is the first time that Phonak is transferring Paradise technology to other models. Both devices will be available in four tech levels: P90, P70, P50 and P30, with the P90 as the top model. The devices do not differ in design from their predecessors. However, the hearing aids are larger in size than other models due to the fact that they are BTE hearing aids and the UP variant has a 675 battery.

Phonak Naida P-UP

The Phonak Naida P-UP is suitable for severe to profound hearing losses. It is equipped with Paradise technology and therefore provides most of the same functions as the previously introduced RIC models. The "P" in the name stands for Paradise and the letters "UP" for Ultra Power.

The Paradise platform offers interesting possibilities for the wearer. For example, there is a special option that focuses on making soft speech (also works with a mouthpiece) easier to understand. They call this at Phonak: "Speech Enhancer". In addition, the hearing aid has a chip developed in-house by Phonak: "PRISM". This chip enables all Bluetooth devices to be connected directly to the hearing aids and to stream sound. At Phonak, they call this "Made for All" (MFA). Your Android and Apple devices can be connected effortlessly, without the need for an accessory. Also, switching between these different devices without having to disconnect and reconnect again is very convenient and saves time and effort. However, the Naida P-UP lacks some features compared to the rechargeable version, such as tap control and motion sensors.

Phonak Naida P-PR

The Phonak Naida P-PR is the rechargeable version of the new Naida x Paradise series. The device is suitable for medium to severe hearing losses. The letters "PR" stand for Power Rechargeable. The lithium-ion battery can be fully charged within 3 hours using the Phonak BTE/RIC charger and has a battery life of 16 hours with 4 hours streaming.

The Phonak Naida P-PR actually has all the features that the Naida P-UP has, but just a little more. The Naida P-PR has Tap Control. A function with which the Google Assistant or Siri can be connected via the smartphone. With a single or double tap, commands can easily be given to the hearing aid and the digital assistants. The device also has integrated motion sensors. These sensors detect movement of the wearer and then focus the microphones on the side where they detect speech. In this way, the wearer is prepared for any situation.

MyPhonak App en accessories

The MyPhonak App is compatible with both Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded from the Goolge Play Store and Apple App Store. The app allows the wearer to adjust sound settings or other preferences on their own. The app gives the possibility to share this data with the hearing care professional, so that the hearing care professional can give feedback on these settings. On the other hand, it also helps the hearing care professional to fine-tune certain settings during a RemoteCare session (online fitting of the hearing aids).

Both Naida Paradise hearing aids can be connected to the well-known Phonak hearing aids such as the TV Connector or Remote Control. The Roger microphones are also compatible with these devices and can be paired directly. All possible accessories can be found on the specific product pages. Phonak has announced that they will launch a new Roger microphone in June 2021. We will certainly keep you informed. :)

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