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ReSound ONE 761-DRW All-in price £1,070.00
  • LINX Quattro 7 61
  • LINX Quattro 7 61

ReSound LINX Quattro 7 61

All-in price £966.00

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The LiNX Quattro hearing aid from ReSound is very versatile. For the first time, a completely new chip has been developed for the LiNX series. This offers several improvements over its predecessor, as well as the LiNX 3D model. The chip is so fast that sounds are processed at a tremendous speed. Changes in the environment are detected directly and the hearing aids adapt immediately.

With the Quattro LiNX hearing aids, sounds can be amplified to just over 9kHz. This makes it easier for you to see where sounds are coming from in a noisy environment. For example, if you are sitting in a crowded restaurant, you can easily estimate where the waiter's voice is coming from behind you. It is not only in busy environments that intelligibility is improved. Even if you are in a very quiet environment, the LiNX Quattro hearing aids sound comfortable because the internal noise is greatly reduced. 

Since the iPhone 8 has been on the market, the Bluetooth connection has already become faster, but the LiNX Quattro hearing aid also ensures a faster switching between Bluetooth and the microphones of the hearing aids. When you answer a phone call, you can hear the other person directly through the hearing aids. Music also sounds very good thanks to Bas Boost via direct streaming.

The LiNX Quattro hearing aids are available in different versions, both in terms of audiology and technical specifications.

Pros and cons

All current high-quality hearing aid components in one hearing aid
Brilliant sound experience
Clear speech understanding in any environment
Superior sound quality during streaming
Easy control with the Smart App
Easy remote fine-tuning via the ReSound e-Assist App
Also rechargeable available

Compare here the different variations of LINX Quattro 7 61

ReSound LINX Quattro 7 61
LINX Quattro 7 61 £966.00
LINX Quattro 7 61 - Rechargeable £1,050.00
ReSound LiNX Quattro 7 62 £966.00
Battery type ZL312 Lithium-ion ZL13
Volume control
Programme switch

Comparison of the different hearing aid technology levels

LINX Quattro 7 61 £966.00 LINX Quattro 9 61 £1,070.00 LINX Quattro 5 61 £880.00
Release year 2020 2019 2020
Battery type ZL312 ZL312 ZL312
Battery lifetime 112 hours 112 hours 112 hours
Volume control
Programme switch
Channels 14 17 12
Bands 14 17 12
Frequency range 10 kHz 10 kHz 10 kHz
Listening programs 4 4 4
Moistureproof/ dustproof
Android compatible
Binaural directionality
Spatial orientation
360-degree speech understanding - -
Noise reduction
Noise reduction
Speech recognition
Soft speech amplification Optional Optional Optional
Environmental Adaptation
Wind noise reduction
Music mode
Ear-to-ear communication
Noise/ tinnitus support
Compatible with CROS
Extra functions
Remote fittable
Health functions

These apps are available for this hearing aid

ReSound Smart 3D App

ReSound Smart 3D App

With just one tap, you'll find everything you need for quick customisation. Never miss another oppor tunity to connect with your surroundings. Activate your favourite programmes, change the volume or call up Sound Enhancer on the go, all directly from the main screen of your app.