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Our values


We are very committed to transparency. This is best reflected on our platform. We want our customers to have the same information as we have. No surprises afterwards and an honest story.

Customer choice

We believe it is important that the customer has something to choose from. For example, the customer can choose from in-home service, in a branch office or completely online and we offer a huge range of hearing aids.

Wide choice

We supply all A-brand hearing aids, each manufacturer has their own hearing aids with their own unique features. That is why one hearing aid fits a customer better than another, we want to be able to offer the customer and our hearing care professionals that choice.

Always the best

We want to be able to stand behind our products. We don't supply old products to maintain margin but make sure we adequately source the best of the moment. The best for our customer, based on reviews and experiences of our audiologists.

Always a startup

The company has been around for over a decade, yet we have always remained a startup and we want to keep it that way. Super ambitious, always growing, looking for opportunities and continuously improving.

Always the forerunner

In terms of our platform, automation and services, we always want to be at the forefront. So we invest a lot in experimentation and innovation, so we can always be the forerunner.

What is it like to work for us?

We are an independent hyper-ambitious company with a huge drive to be the forerunner. Our goal is to become the largest omnichannel hearing aid retailer in Europe and we are working on that every day with our entire team.

Because of our ambition we are looking for people from all over Europe.

In the daily work you notice our ambition, we are looking for people who find it cool to work independently on their own targets and are consciously working on how the work smarter, more efficient, more fun or more customer friendly can be done. We want to improve every day and like lots of feedback and short lines of communication.

We regularly organize courses, get-togethers and parties to see each other face-to-face every now and then. Do you see yourself working for a fast growing company with huge ambitions? Then look below to see if there is a vacancy for you, if not? Please send an open application.


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