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  • Audéo Marvel M70 - 312
  • Audéo Marvel M70 - 312
  • Audéo Marvel M70 - 312
  • Audéo Marvel M70 - 312

Phonak Audéo Marvel M70 - 312

All-in price £990.00

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Phonak is known for good quality and they show this again with the Marvel series. On an audiological level, the Marvel hearing aids are very good. Their strength is the automatic programme. The hearing aids adjust a number of features when they observe a change in acoustic conditions. For example, the beam becomes narrower in busy company. With the MyPhonak app, you can temporarily change or save some settings as a new programme. Unfortunately, you cannot yet link this to a specific location.

Since the Marvel series has been on the market, Phonak now also allows direct streaming. Not only with the iPhone, but also with many Android phones. Until recently, other hearing aid brands had a big head start on Phonak. Direct streaming now also takes place in stereo and produces a very nice sound. However, the quality and stability depends partly on your smartphone type. Also unique is the Bluetooth function to connect the Marvel hearing aids directly to your TV.

The M70 model is right between the most advanced model (M90) and the most economical model (M50). The M70 works slightly better than the M50 in small societies, but many features are not fully available or not available at all compared to the M90.

This is the smallest model in the series as it contains a 312 battery. You will need to replace the battery approximately every 4-6 days. This model is also available with a ring lead, but the hearing aid will then be slightly larger.

Pros and cons

Direct streaming with almost all smartphones
High quality audio streaming

Compare here the different variations of Audéo Marvel M70 - 312

Phonak Audéo Marvel M70 - 312
Audéo Marvel M70 - 312 £990.00
Audéo Marvel M70 R - Rechargeable £1,075.00
Audéo Marvel M70 - 13T £995.00
Battery type ZL312 Lithium-ion ZL13
Volume control
Programme switch

Comparison of the different hearing aid technology levels

Audéo Marvel M70 - 312 £990.00 Audéo Marvel M90 - 312 £1,165.00 Audéo Marvel M50 - 312 £990.00
Release year 2018 2018 2018
Battery type ZL312 ZL312 ZL312
Battery lifetime 120 hours 120 hours 120 hours
Volume control
Programme switch
Channels 16 20 12
Bands 16 20 12
Listening programs 3 3 3
Height 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm
Moistureproof/ dustproof
Android compatible
Spatial orientation
360-degree speech understanding -
Noise reduction
Noise reduction
Speech recognition
Soft speech amplification -
Environmental Adaptation
Wind noise reduction -
Music mode
Ear-to-ear communication
Echoreduction - -
Noise/ tinnitus support
Compatible with CROS
Extra functions
Remote fittable
Health functions

These apps are available for this hearing aid



This is an easy-to-use app for a customised listening experience. You can adjust the volume or the p rogramme according to your needs. Via myPhonak, the hearing aids can be adjusted online by the hearing care professional.