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  • ONE M&RIE 761 - Oplaadbaar
  • ONE M&RIE 761 - Oplaadbaar
  • ONE M&RIE 761 - Oplaadbaar
  • ONE M&RIE 761 - Oplaadbaar

ReSound ONE M&RIE 761 - Rechargeable

All-in price £1,155.00

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This version does NOT include the new M&RIE speaker. Unfortunately, the M&RIE loudspeaker is not suitable for hearing losses higher than about 70 dB. The ReSound ONE is then adapted with a standard high power speaker. 
If you work in a dusty environment, it may also be wiser to choose the ReSound ONE Stand. RIC. 

The price for the ReSound ONE 7 is slightly lower than the ONE 9. It lacks the Ultra Focus mode and uses older technology to suppress noise and hiss.

This version has a Lithium-Ion battery that lasts 30h on average. When streaming for 4 hours, this will be about 25 hours. A push button can be used to adjust the volume or programme. The ReSound ONE 61 - R comes standard with the Premium Charger. This allows you to fully charge the hearing aid in 3 hours. Thanks to the power bank, you can charge the hearing aids for 3 days without an outlet.

Pros and cons

The hearing aids are rechargeable
The hearing aids can be adjusted remotely with the help of the hearing care professional
Can connect to both Android and Apple (iPhone) devices
Does not have the new 'Ultra Focus' technology
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      10 / 10
12 Aug 2021

I forget I'm wearing a hearing aid!

Good explanation from the people of Oogvoororen!
As well as professional adjustment of earphones

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ReSound ONE M&RIE 761 - Rechargeable
ONE M&RIE 761 - Rechargeable £1,155.00
ONE M&RIE 761-DRW £1,070.00
ONE 761 - Rechargeable £1,150.00
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Battery type - ZL312 Lithium-ion ZL13
Volume control
Programme switch

Comparison of the different hearing aid technology levels

ONE M&RIE 761 - Rechargeable £1,155.00 ONE M&RIE 961 - Rechargeable £1,255.00
Release year 2020 2020
Battery type - Lithium-ion
Battery lifetime >24 hours >24 hours
Volume control
Programme switch
Channels 14 17
Bands 14 17
Listening programs 4 4
Moistureproof/ dustproof
Android compatible
Compatible with CROS
Extra functions
Remote fittable
Localisation -
Health functions