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  • Moment 440 mRIC Oplaadbaar D
  • Moment 440 mRIC Oplaadbaar D
  • Moment 440 mRIC Oplaadbaar D
  • Moment 440 mRIC Oplaadbaar D
  • Moment 440 mRIC Oplaadbaar D
  • Moment 440 mRIC Oplaadbaar D

Widex Moment 440 mRIC D - Rechargeable

All-in price £1,250.00

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With the Widex Moment, a new step has been taken to make hearing aids sound as natural as possible with minimal artefacts. Widex has found a way to process sound at lightning speed. This new listening experience is called PureSound. With many hearing aids, the sound amplified by the hearing aid arrives at the eardrum later than the sound that comes in naturally. This delay can result in an unnatural or uncomfortable sound. Thanks to ZeroDelay technology, the delay is eliminated and with it the artificial sound that is often perceived as annoying. The processing delay between microphone and speaker is limited to less than 0.5 milliseconds. The Widex Moment is available in various designs and models.

The Widex 440 is the most advanced of the series. This model can be adapted more precisely to your hearing loss by providing more channels. This usually benefits intelligibility. In addition, the 440 recognises more situations, so it can adapt better to provide you with optimal comfort. The music programme can also distinguish between different types of music. The 440 has much better wind noise suppression than the other models. Useful if you are outdoors a lot. 

Besides a new hearing aid, Widex also has new stainless steel speakers. They can now be made smaller, resulting in more comfort with a smaller ear canal.

The mRIC R is one of the smallest rechargeable hearing aids. Despite its small size, it still contains all the features of the Widex Moment. Hearing aid control can be used from the app, but there is also a push button on the hearing aid. If you want to use a ring line, this can be done with the FM+DEX.
The charger is small enough to take anywhere and can easily be used by anyone. Open the cover and place the hearing aids in the charger to charge them. A full charge takes 4 hours and lasts for 16 to 20 hours of runtime, depending on the streaming time. If necessary, the hearing aids can also be charged for 30 minutes for 4 hours of listening time in urgent situations.

Pros and cons

New PureSound technology, which processes sound at high speed
Delay is eliminated by the new ZeroDelay technology
Can be precisely adjusted to the ear, due to its many channels
Improved wind noise reduction compared to other models
Hearing aid is rechargeable
17 reviews

Classification of the reviews

      9 / 10
21 Jul 2023

Disappointing pricing policy of Eye for Ears

After two years now a second unit. Since I have a Widex on the left, no option to go for another brand/type. The device my review link goes to was 200 Euro cheaper so I contacted EyeForOren.
The invoice price is 1995.00 each, including although I no longer needed a charger. Their "concession" in was unfortunately just a lousy service kit; which I did not wish to make further use of as I do not need it.
Not an advertisement for Eye for Ears. Pay close attention when buying and before signing off purchase check everything carefully.

After two years this obsolete type still available
Pricing Eye for ears.
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      8 / 10
14 Apr 2023

Quite a few limitations of an otherwise pretty good device.

The devices lose connection to the iPhone as soon as the distance between device and iPhone is > 25 cm. If streaming with TV Play or Sound assist is used the usage time of the rechargeable battery is insufficient by about 2 to 3 hours. The sound quality that is a matter of habituation speech is OK, however all voices are completely different than before my deafness. Matching voices to people is almost impossible. Music is still problematic after over a year of use. Instrumental music from small musical groups is OK. Singers and large orchestras is an unmitigated disaster.
A real problem is that in larger groups (ie more than 4 or 6 people) the sound becomes a nuisance. The ability to focus your attention on 1 person/voice is completely eliminated by the use of hearing aids, it drives you nuts.
The app is an example of something not being developed out. Saving your own sound profiles does not work and the app undesirably interacts other apps in use.
The sound quality and functioning of TV-Play is inadequate. Left and right channel are far from synchronized and the sound comes through double with a small delay of the secondary signal compared to the primary signal.
Recently I also got Sound Assist and that works excellent. One major drawback is that battery/device life is greatly reduced when streaming. Normally without streaming the operating time is about 15 -18 hours by streaming it is reduced to about 2 to 3 hours.

Battery, when not streaming
Sound Assist is ideal
Bluetooth connection too weak
the app is limited
TV play is just lousy
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      10 / 10
06 Dec 2022

Fantastic I hear much better

Fantastic what a great treatment

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Compare here the different variations of Moment 440 mRIC D - Rechargeable

Widex Moment 440 mRIC D - Rechargeable
Moment 440 mRIC D - Rechargeable £1,250.00
Moment 440 RIC 10 £1,165.00
Moment 440 RIC 312 D £1,165.00
Battery type Lithium-ion ZL10 ZL312
Volume control
Programme switch

Comparison of the different hearing aid technology levels

Moment 440 mRIC D - Rechargeable £1,250.00 Moment 330 mRIC D - Rechargeable £1,165.00 Moment 220 mRIC D - Rechargeable £1,080.00
Release year 2020 2020 2020
Battery type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Battery lifetime 28 hours 28 hours 28 hours
Volume control
Programme switch
Channels 15 12 10
Bands 15 12 10
Frequency range 10 kHz 10 kHz 10 kHz
Listening programs 5 4 5
Height 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm
Moistureproof/ dustproof
Android compatible
Binaural directionality
Spatial orientation
360-degree speech understanding -
Noise reduction
Noise reduction
Speech recognition
Soft speech amplification -
Environmental Adaptation
Wind noise reduction - -
Music mode
Ear-to-ear communication
Own voice recognition
Noise/ tinnitus support
Compatible with CROS
Extra functions
Remote fittable
Health functions

These apps are available for this hearing aid

Widex Moment

Widex Moment

The hearing aids are easy to use with the Widex Moment app. You can fine-tune the basic settings for each situation.
Widex Remote Care

Widex Remote Care

This app allows you to adjust the hearing aids remotely. A video link is established with one of our hearing care professionals. The hearing aids are then adjusted in the same way as in a shop.