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  • Pure Charge&Go 3 AX
  • Pure Charge&Go 3 AX
  • Pure Charge&Go 3 AX
  • Pure Charge&Go 3 AX

Signia Pure Charge&Go 3 AX

All-in price £805.00

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For the first time, perceived sound is split directly into two parts and adjusted separately for your hearing loss and preferences. Important sounds such as speech are separated from ambient noise. Splitting the sound offers many more opportunities for optimisation. After the two signals have been processed separately, they are once again transmitted to the eardrum as a single signal. By processing sounds in this way, speech understanding and comfort are of a very high level.
The wireless transmitter that takes care of communication between the hearing aids is twice as fast, which makes the Pure Charge&GO AX hearing aids perfectly synchronised. Both ears receive exactly the same sound at exactly the same time. This contributes enormously to localisation of sounds. Listening to music with a lot of variation in volume will sound even better with a dynamic range of up to 117dB. Is music important to you? Consider the 5 or 7 AX as they have more features to make music sound optimal. 

This model is 4% smaller than its predecessor (Signia Pure Charge&Go X) but still has a battery life of 24h + 5h streaming and is suitable for direct streaming with both iOS and Android (with ASHA protocol). Thanks to the faster wireless transmitter, the streaming sound is also very clear.

Pros and cons

Streaming for both iPhone and Android
Online fittable
Some functions are less advanced or missing compared to the other versions
5 reviews

Classification of the reviews

      10 / 10
22 Jan 2024

Great service!

Oogvoororen was recommended to me by family and acquaintances. Very satisfied: both with the hearing aids and the service. Super convenient also that the audiologist comes to my home. Price will surely be ok? Not really checked if this device is more expensive elsewhere. Kudos also to Arne!

België Lieve - Signia Pure Charge&Go 3 AX
This review is from Oogvoororen.be
      8.5 / 10
11 Nov 2023

Oogvoororen is a professional institution and highly recommended

I would like to thank audiologist, Arne Dhauwe, for taking good care of me and helping me towards the right hearing aids.
I was looking for a cheaper alternative that were as good as my previous premium rechargeable hearing aids.
My new devices, Signia Pure Charge&Go 3 AX, more than meet my expectations.
Clear sounds that can be adjusted, if necessary, via an app.
For the doubters, try it out ;-).

België Dirk - Signia Pure Charge&Go 3 AX
This review is from Oogvoororen.be
      9 / 10
25 Jan 2023

meets more than expectation

small - not noticeable a little care when putting glasses on and off
treated friendly and correctly

België monique - Signia Pure Charge&Go 3 AX
This review is from Oogvoororen.be

Compare here the different variations of Pure Charge&Go 3 AX

Signia Pure Charge&Go 3 AX
Pure Charge&Go 3 AX £805.00
Battery type Lithium-ion
Volume control
Programme switch

Comparison of the different hearing aid technology levels

Pure Charge&Go 3 AX £805.00 Signia Pure Charge&Go 5 AX £975.00 Pure Charge&Go 7 AX £1,075.00
Release year 2021 2021 2021
Battery type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Battery lifetime 24 uur hours 24 hours 24 uur hours
Volume control
Programme switch
Channels 24 32 48
Bands 12 16 20
Listening programs 6 6 6
Height 27 mm 27 mm 27 mm
Moistureproof/ dustproof
Android compatible
Binaural directionality
Spatial orientation -
360-degree speech understanding
Noise reduction
Noise reduction
Speech recognition
Environmental Adaptation
Wind noise reduction
Music mode
Ear-to-ear communication
Motion sensors
Echoreduction -
Own voice recognition
Noise/ tinnitus support
Compatible with CROS
Extra functions
Remote fittable
Health functions

These apps are available for this hearing aid

Signia App

Signia App

The Signia App gives you everything you need to enjoy your hearing aids to the fullest, all tailored to your personal preferences: Audio streaming, remote control and remote fitting. All you need is your smartphone.